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by John Doe

My Shagbook Experience.

Shagbook is a well advertised casual dating website and through personal experience I found it seemed to have very few real female users as I was bombarded with messages instantly by people constantly moving town and then disappearing.

Real female users do obviously exist on shagbook and I believe it is free at the time of writing this review for female users to reply to messages but the male has to pay to subscribe.

Shagbook review continued…

Fake automated profiles seem to be used on shagbook, this is purely speculation though… They seem to have used fake pictures and they message and spam you everyday to get you to sign up to premium status so you can message them back, your email inbox is also spammed with constant notifications of people saying “Hi” even though you havent even uploaded a description or let alone a picture! (Thats surely not right when your male!)

These profiles also seem to constantly change county within hours of messaging you and often “close their account” shortly after messaging.

Oh and to anyone reading, If you think the reviews here are slanderous and designed to harm businesses, they are not but unfortunately thats inevitable if a dating website owner provides a shoddy or dodgy service. These are just honest consumer reviews of personal experiences designed to help and prevent users from being ripped off or having a bad experience. Unfortunately most users that visit this website are victims of many various types of dating website fraud or have generally had a bad experience with a website. Why not perform an investigation of your own and create an account on any of the websites listed and draw your own conclusion? If your a business owner and your site is listed here, only email me if your prepared to have your email content displayed on this website, afterall what do you have to hide, you can always comment and share your views?

To also clear another matter up, this website is not designed to profit from the advertisements related to the websites listed here, I dont make much money from the PPC affiliate adverts displayed on this website at all. I can tell you that I have made less than a 3 figure number in over 2 years, so I hardly profit from displaying the related content advertisements by google as users of this site will only click on adverts they are interested in.

Share your personal honest review and experiences with this casual dating website known as shagbook.

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